Xbox 360 cloud saves are now going to be free to use



Microsoft has been attempting to fix many mistakes and issues with their console ecosystem as they get ready to launch their next-gen Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles, but did anyone expect them to revisit the Xbox 360?

Following on from today’s reveal that Fallout 4 would be playable in 60fps on Xbox Series S, Microsoft also revealed that Xbox 360 cloud saves will finally become free time use a full generation after most people started using them.

While Xbox One cloud saves are completely free for all Xbox users – unlike PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch –  that free functionality didn’t spread to Xbox 360 software. Instead, users on last-gen consoles were required to have Xbox Live Gold to upload their saves to Xbox’s servers.

No longer! Microsoft revealed that Xbox 360 cloud saves will now be completely free as their backward compatibility offerings become more and more important to their Xbox services such as Xbox Game Pass.

Shove that up your Zynga, Don Matrick.

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