It’s a fact: the internet isn’t exactly happy about the state of WWE 2K20. In fact, the game is so broken that Sony has started issuing ‘no questions asked’ refunds.

The hashtag #fixWWE2K20 briefly trended on Twitter the other day and is packed full of players pointing out graphical, technical, and just general issues with the game.

Some of the graphical errors include general graphical downgrades, body parts being in the wrong place, shoes going through feet, players getting stuck in the stage and glitching into oblivion, and avatars disintegrating at the end of matches.

The technical errors, on the other hand, are less hilarious and consist mostly of the game crashing at random times, crashing if you try to access menus or game modes, freezing, and generally having a bad time.

Some players have even received the wrong items in their pre-order or, in some cases, haven’t received any items at all. The problem is apparently so bad that 2K Support have had to put out a special Tweet just for that issue.

At the time of posting, refunds are apparently only being issued to PlayStation players. It’s not known if PC and Xbox players will be granted the same courtesy.

If you’re a WWE 2k20 PlayStation 4 player and you want a refund, either head over to PlayStation Help or 2K’s Support Site and file a ticket.