Wunderlist founder wants to buy back the product from Microsoft


7, 2019

Author Pradeep // in News


Back in 2015, Microsoft acquired Wunderlist for around $100-$200 million. “Joining Microsoft gives us access to a massive wealth of expertise, technology and people that a small company like us could only dream of amassing on its own,” said Christian Reber, Founder & CEO of Wunderlist during the time of acquisition. After few years of the acquisition, Microsoft announced a brand new To-Do platform named Microsoft To-Do.

Microsoft’s plan was to migrate all the features of Wunderlist to Microsoft To-Do and shut down Wunderlist. Due to technical difficulties, Microsoft has not yet completed the migration process. So, Wunderlist apps continues to work even today. Today, Christian Reber tweeted that he wants to buy back Wunderlist product from Microsoft. He wants former Wunderlist team at Microsoft to continue building Microsoft To-Do, but does not want Wunderlist apps to be killed.

We are not sure Microsoft will respond to his request. What do you think? Should Microsoft maintain Wunderlist apps along with Microsoft To-Do apps?

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