Wunderlist founder teases a new To-Do app as Microsoft kills the original app


12, 2020

Last week Microsoft officially pulled the plug on Wunderlist after the company bought the app for $200 million back in 2015. Wunderlist founder Christian Reber started working on the next productivity app after selling Wunderlist back in 2015.

Now, Source Code (via 9to5google) is reporting that Reber has started working on another productivity app called Superlist. He explained that there’s still a huge gap between personal to-do applications and enterprise to-do apps.

I just feel there is a big gap between personal to-do apps that don’t scale for work, and ugly enterprise applications that feel really painful to use.

The first Wunderlist app was done in about six weeks. We launched it as a desktop app and were completely overwhelmed by the requests.

There’s not much information about the app right now but you can head to their official website read more about the app. Last year, Reber made a serious offer to Microsoft to buy back Wunderlist and keep it alive but Microsoft didn’t respond.

Reber didn’t comment on when the app is expected to launch or what features it will come with but it will be interesting to see how well it fares against the offerings from Google and Microsoft.

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