WTH! Nokia Lumia 920 WP8 PR 1.1 update only coming to Rest of the World in February!



imageIt was in fact no secret, but I seemed to have missed that the PR 1.1 “Portico” update for the Nokia Lumia 820 and 920, which was meant to fix the issues with the camera and the device freezing on reboot and bring such features as Always-On Wi-Fi, will in fact only be rolling out to the Rest of World in February 2013.

Nokia in fact posted as much on their blog on the 19th December, writing:

Although this update is initially available for owners on AT&T and Rogers in North America, we haven’t forgotten about Lumia owners in other markets. Rest assured, we are working with Microsoft and our operator partners around the globe to ensure the highest quality software updates for our family of Lumia smartphones. Together with Microsoft, we aim at beginning to deliver these updates to other markets in early February 2013.

MyNokiaBlog was able to confirm the same with a Nokia rep recently, with Nokia writing:

You might have already seen that we have started to deliver a software update to the Nokia Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 just before Christmas. You can read the full story in the Nokia Conversations. I’m happy to let you know that the issue of the phone occasionally freezing up will be fixed with the software update. The delivery of the update has started for the AT&T and Rogers customers and it will be made available to other countries and consumers during February.

I guess I can stop obsessively checking for updates once per day then.

Given the seriousness of the lock-up issue, which are causing numerous people who do not know the reset procedure to return their phones as “bricked” to the store I would have thought Nokia would have been working harder at pushing out a fix.  Also waiting two months just to start pushing out an update makes a joke of the “direct from Microsoft” Over the Air updates Windows Phone 8 was supposed to bring, and suggests nothing has really changed from the poor Windows Phone 7 situation.

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