Wreckfest and Goat Simulator studios acquired by THQ Nordic


14, 2018

THQ Nordic has been on a bit of a buying spree this past year, and now they’ve acquired two new studios.

Finnish studio Bugbear is the first acquisition. The minds behind the upcoming Wreckfest racing/demolition derby game have been in partnership with the publisher for a while as THQ Nordic is publishing the console versions of Wreckfest.

Wreckfest - Official PC Launch Trailer

With past games including FlatOut, Ridge Racer Unbounded and Sega Rally (2007), Bugbear is one hell of a racing studio.

While we’re finished with the Finnish, THQ Nordic has also picked up a Swedish studio – Coffee Stain Studios. As the minds between the Sanctum series, the YouTuber-loved Goat Simulator and the co-operative shooter Deep Rock Galactic, Coffee Stain has proven their worth in the past. They’re currently working on a game called Satisfactory.

Goat Simulator Official Launch Trailer

Studios being purchased has been a very common occurrence this year. Microsoft’s acquisition of five studios during E3 as well as two just last week and THQ Nordic’s big spending has made it a very exciting time for those who are interesting in the business side of gaming.

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