Wrapsol: A follow-up review of the scratch protector


29, 2011

Almost a month ago, we reviewed Wrapsol, which is a clear protective film similar to InvisibleSHIELD. As we promised, here’s a follow-up review showing how Wrapsol holds up against scratches from daily usage!

If you missed our installation review, then make sure to check that out so you know applying the Wrapsol protective films works. Once the protectors are applied, you can forget about seeing any scratches on your phone! If you’ve ever felt unsure about putting your keys in the same pocket as your phone, you won’t have to worry anymore. You can take a set of keys and actually scratch them against the screen as hard as you can, and not a single scratch shows up. I did manage to pickup a tiny scratch on the screen protector near the bottom, but the scratch is only visible at the right angle (and is of course only on the protective film, not the device itself).

Products like this will of course not protect your device from drops (other than saving it from some scratches), but they are great for those who are typically not clumsy but want some extra security. The one part of the phone that isn’t protected is the edges of the phone, since the clear protective film can’t wrap around corners. That means if a corner of your phone comes in contact with some cement or other abrasive surfaces, it may leave some scuffs on your phone. But 99.9% of your phone is covered with the scratch-proof protector, so that hopefully won’t happen to you.

One thing that I would like to touch on (okay, I’ll be like those other writers and say “pun intended”) is the fingerprints. This Wrapsol product actually reduces the amount of fingerprints that show up on your screen! This was especially obvious when I removed the screen protector after using it for a month and touched the bare screen with my fingers… I was shocked by how many fingerprints the screen normally collects, and how well Wrapsol is at reducing that amount! And the material that protects the back of the phone gives you a pleasant amount of traction but still remains smooth so that it can slide into a pocket without sticking to fabric or anything.

In a few days, I should be receiving and reviewing InvisibleSHIELD, so make sure to check back later to see how Wrapsol compares to the original InvisibleSHIELD. But rest assured knowing that Wrapsol is a great product that lives up to its expectations! You can buy Wrapsol for most of your Windows Phones at http://wrapsol.com

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