WP8: Fast app switching limit raised from 5 to 7 in Windows Phone 8



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Windows Phone 8 - Anzahl der Apps im "Fast App Switching" Modus auf 7 Apps erhöht

imageIt seems Microsoft is answering all our Windows Phone 7 complaints in Windows Phone 8.

The latest news, uncovered by WParea.de, is that Microsoft has raised the number of apps which can be kept suspended in memory in Windows Phone 8 from 5 to 7, meaning users will be able to fast switch to even more apps than before.

The next step would obviously be to see if raising the amount of RAM allocated to the emulator would increase the number of apps allowed to fast switch, which would of course make it worthwhile buying a 1 GB RAM device over a 512 MB RAM handset.

Are 7 apps enough, or were our readers hoping for more? Let us know below.

Via WParea.de

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