WP8: Apps will now be able to add notifications to the lock screen

imageIn the leaked Windows Phone 8 SDK documentation it has now been revealed that apps will now be able to add notifications to the Windows Phone 8 lock screen.

Developers will only be able to use 24×24 white icons, with text and tile count taken from the app’s Live Tile.

The documentation specifies that the user will be in control of what apps can display notifications, saying:

In Windows Phone 8 Developer Preview, end users can choose to customize this area with any third party apps they choose. As a developer, you can enable your app to be used in this feature.

This suggests there may be more to be revealed regarding notifications, including at least a feature where users get to chose which apps can display on the lock screen.

Interestingly users will also be able to specify an app as a “lock screen background provider” which means apps will be able to change the lock screen wallpaper, probably even automatically, meaning our phones are set to become a lot more dynamic.