WP8 App Drawer caught on camera, does not reveal anything interesting


For some reason Microsoft has been very reticent in showing off the App drawer or app list in Windows Phone 8, confining all third parties to just the start screen.  Microsoft has recently said this was because they still had many features they were not ready to reveal yet.

This of course raised some speculation that some radical change may be afoot,  but a video of the Nokia Lumia 920 compared it to the Nokia Lumia 900, captured by bwone.com, reveals nothing much has changed, with the list largely looking the same, except for the absence of the arrow indicating the direction to the start screen.

Of course that is not definitive proof that nothing has changed, in that it may be that the build of Windows Phone 8 on the NL 920 has not been updated yet to the latest version, or that the changes are not immediately apparent.

See the video after the break and let us know if you spot anything new.

Nokia Lumia 920 vs. Lumia 900 Hardware Comparison - BWOne.com

See the app list around the 1 min mark.