WP8.1 Update Office Mobile quietly updated with important new feature



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Windows Phone 8.1 Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1

Windows Phone is meant to have the one real Microsoft Office, which usually makes it pretty embarrassing when the app is unable to open a password protected Word document.

The issue has been present since Office Mobile for Windows Mobile, and while the app has always supported Microsoft’s Rights Management feature it seemed Microsoft would never fix this simple and common way of protecting documents.

It seems GDR1, with its focus on enterprise, has finally addressed this annoying problem.

Universowindows.com have discovered that in the latest version of Windows Phone you are finally prompted for a password when trying to open a password protected document.

Users are only able to read documents, and not edit them, but it is still 100 times better than what went before.

Do our readers appreciate this new feature? Let us know below.

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