WP8.1 rolling out to the NL 925 in Hungary, see where else in Europe here

We have had a report that the Windows Phone 8.1 update is rolling out to the Nokia Lumia 925 in Hungary,


According to Microsoft’s update page the WP8.1 update is now available there.

We have parsed the page, and found the update is available in 29 countries already in Europe, on the Nokia Lumia 625 and the Nokia Lumia 925.

To see if the update is available on your carrier and in your region, see the full list after the break.

AlbaniaLumia 625Country variant
AustriaLumia 625Country variant
AustriaLumia 625A1
AustriaLumia 925Country variant
AustriaLumia 925A1
BelgiumLumia 625Country variant
BelgiumLumia 625Proximus
BelgiumLumia 925Country variant
BelgiumLumia 925Proximus
Bosnia and HerzegovinaLumia 625Country variant
BulgariaLumia 625Country variant
CroatiaLumia 625Country variant
CyprusLumia 625Country variant
Czech RepublicLumia 625Country variant
Czech RepublicLumia 625Vodafone
Czech RepublicLumia 925Vodafone
DenmarkLumia 625Country variant
DenmarkLumia 925Country variant
DenmarkLumia 925TeliaSonera
EstoniaLumia 625Country variant
EstoniaLumia 925Country variant
FinlandLumia 625Country variant
FinlandLumia 925Country variant
FranceLumia 625Country variant
FranceLumia 625SFR
FranceLumia 925Country variant
FranceLumia 925Orange
GermanyLumia 625Vodafone
GermanyLumia 925Country variant
GermanyLumia 925T-Mobile
GermanyLumia 925Vodafone
GreeceLumia 625Country variant
GreeceLumia 625Vodafone
GreeceLumia 925Vodafone
HungaryLumia 625Country variant
HungaryLumia 625Telenor
HungaryLumia 625Vodafone
HungaryLumia 925Country variant
HungaryLumia 925T-Mobile
HungaryLumia 925Vodafone
IcelandLumia 625Country variant
IcelandLumia 925Country variant
IrelandLumia 625Vodafone
IrelandLumia 925Vodafone
ItalyLumia 625Country variant
ItalyLumia 6253 Italy
ItalyLumia 625Vodafone
ItalyLumia 925Country variant
ItalyLumia 9253 Italy
ItalyLumia 925Vodafone
LatviaLumia 625Country variant
LatviaLumia 925Country variant
LithuaniaLumia 625Country variant
LithuaniaLumia 925Country variant
MacedoniaLumia 625Country variant
MontenegroLumia 625Country variant
NetherlandsLumia 625Country variant
NetherlandsLumia 925Vodafone
NorwayLumia 625Country variant
NorwayLumia 925Country variant
NorwayLumia 925Netcom
NorwayLumia 925Telenor
PolandLumia 925T-Mobile
PortugalLumia 625Country variant
PortugalLumia 625Vodafone
PortugalLumia 925Vodafone
RomaniaLumia 625Country variant
RomaniaLumia 625Vodafone
RomaniaLumia 925Vodafone
SerbiaLumia 625Country variant
SlovakiaLumia 625Country variant
SlovakiaLumia 925Orange
SloveniaLumia 625Country variant
SpainLumia 625Country variant
SpainLumia 625Vodafone
SpainLumia 925Vodafone
SwedenLumia 625Country variant
SwedenLumia 925Country variant
SwedenLumia 925TeliaSonera
SwitzerlandLumia 625Country variant
SwitzerlandLumia 625Swisscom
SwitzerlandLumia 925Country variant
SwitzerlandLumia 925Orange
SwitzerlandLumia 925Swisscom
TurkeyLumia 925Country variant
TurkeyLumia 925Vodafone
United KingdomLumia 625Country variant
United KingdomLumia 625Vodafone
United KingdomLumia 925Vodafone

Thanks DH Dog for the tip and screen shot.

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