WP7S on HTC Touch Diamond, Fake or Not? You Decide

With all the new videos being release these last couple of day, we cannot truly tell what is real or not, but we will let you decide. This video seems a little more on the fake side compared to the other.

The video shows the Touch Diamond showing its awesomeness with the device running WP7S. Many have called this fake due to the button misplacement, speed(even though the device it self is quite slow), and other things. I think this has a slight ability of being real, and if it is, then it seems we have no need for MS or HTC after all.

What do you think of all these videos? do you think its a waste of time for us to keep posting them? are you interesting in getting a copy?

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Update: A comment pointed out that this could easily be faked through Remote desktop applications. I think that says a lot for a person to waste everyones time by doing such things. If this is fake, what stops the others to not also be fake(Not talking about Tom’s version). Sad!

A comment below also brings in a good idea. A startup video would truly prove this ports to be real, not just a computer stream.

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