WP7 Verizon/Sprint likely release date given

According to Aaron Woodman, Microsoft director of mobile communications, US telcos Verizon and Sprint will be carrying Windows Phone 7 devices by June 30th 2011. Sharon Chan of the Seattle Times obtained the date in an interview with Woodman yesterday. The delay has chiefly been a result of building WP7 for Verizon and Sprint’s CDMA networks, not widely used outside the US; WP7’s global focus has made the more widely used GSM standard a higher priority.

He also talks about Web services, mentioning that more Kin Studio-like services were in development for Windows Phone 7.

We have a very, very small baby step with Windows Phone Live. It’s definitely part of the road map to have enriched services that make the phone more meaningful, and the Web more meaningful.

You can read more at the Seattle Times here.

Thanks to MobilePaddy for the tip.