WP7 Thoughts By Readers: Martin Schmidler

image Here are some more thoughts by one of our readers who seems to like the idea MS has brought to us, and he makes sure to document it nicely:

I have been a Windows Mobile poweruser for quite a while now; I started with a HTC Herald, then switched to the Touch Cruise
and now I own a HTC TouchPro. Let me get this straight right at the beginning: I absolutely love Windows Phone 7 and here’s why.

With Windows Mobile 6.x users have lots of possibilities to customize and hack, that’s a fact. And while I often find it
exciting to test new ROMs and new software I also have the strong feeling that it is wrong. Especially when I am in a stressful situation
and I need my phone to simply work properly WinMo leaves me standing in the rain.
I can’t note something down quickly because it takes time to get to the notes app and then the keyboard lags or some graphical issues
appear… we all know this, there’s just a constant need to softreset, having stock ROMs or custom ROMs doesn’t really matter.
And even the best UI overlays fail because they don’t cover the whole system. At some point you come across some old-style (meaning Windows 2000-style)
elements and I as a design-fanatic can’t stand that.

I love Windows Phone 7 because it offers a completely new approach in terms of user interface, it combines some great projects from Microsoft
such as Zune, Xbox Live and Windows Live plus it has some great technical details (Silverlight, XNA, update-system, social media integration)
that make it stand out from the crowd of mobile OSes.

And all at the same time it is based on Windows CE. I know some of you still don’t get it, so I repeat: It is based on WINDOWS CE and that means Xda-Developers can hack the heck out of it. Also, think about custom ROMs: Flashing those ican be compared to jailbreaking the iPhone but in contrast to Apple Microsoft has got a different philosophy, they are not interested in completely sealing off everything the old WinMo fanbase and the nerds love.
They just want the average consumer – and that’s the masses you make the big money with – to feel comfortable when using a Windows Phone.

For me Android isn’t attractive enough (lack of 3D gaming for example) and the iPhone is, as we all know, the most locked down platform of all plus
there is no model with a hardware-keyboard. I will await the reviews before I buy anything but in my opinion Windows Phone 7 is the most promising candidate.

About myself: I’m a 20 year old tech enthusiast, living in Austria, Europe. My gadget collection also includes Apple products, like my MacBook Pro.
You can find my weblog (german + english) which focusses on technology and austrian politics at http://www.martinschmidler.com

If you do not agree with his views, please do not be a child about it, just comment nicely, or even submit your own thoughts to me and it shall be posted (99.9% of the time).

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