WP7 Technical Preview reviews are out (updated)


With the WP7 devices shipping out this week, the embargo has been lifted on reviews by a few lucky members of the media who have had some weeks to test the OS. The reviews span the gamut as usual with Paul Thurrott  and  Matt Miller providing the most comprehensive and positive reviews while  BGR, who did not care for the phone at all being the worst. A cool feature I learned about today was the universal availability of Voice command when pressing and holding  the home Key. I have a list of the links to the reviews in order from best to worst and I will update them as the day goes by. Manan Kakkar over at TNW has a longer list with excerpts if you don’t want to read all the reviews.

Here are more interesting tidbits.

a camera button. This button is particularly genius, because it connects to a new software feature in Windows Phone that Microsoft calls “pocket to picture.” So even if you’ve locked your phone, you can tap this button and take a picture, almost instantaneously. – Paul Thurrott

To the left of the viewfinder image you will see a static image overhanging just a bit and this lets you know you can simply slide from left to right and view the last photo you took. Swiping back right to left takes you to the camera capture mode again. – Matt Miller

  • Videos in Facebook play on the device! Matt miller mentions it on this video at minute mark 3:20 but does not show it in action.
  • A front facing camera is present on the device though not usable/accessible at the moment.

Paul Thurrot: Winsupersite

Matt Miller: ZDnet

Joshua Topolsky: Engadget

Lance Ulanoff: PCmag

Bonnie CHa: CNET

Daniel Dumas: Wired

Boy Genius: BGR

Techmeme has the most comprehensive and up to date list.

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