WP7 Reader Thoughts: Dan

image I have been holding many of these in my inbox, but here is some more thoughts by readers.

I hate to begin my thoughts on Windows Phone 7 with a reflection on Apple’s mobile success…

…But seeing as how Microsoft did, I think it’s okay.

Let’s get this out of the way: Microsoft’s Windows Mobile OS has had a longevity that has allowed Microsoft to sit around and look at what other folks have been up to in this space – let their competitors make all the mistakes, take all the risks, and then in the light of these companies’ hard work, re-evaluate their own position and build a new OS on top of the foundation laid by others.

Replace “Mobile” with “XP” in the paragraph above, and you have a similarly accurate story to Microsoft’s last decade’s-worth of desktop OS development. We all agree that both Windows Mobile and XP needed an overhaul. But what will WP7 be?

Is this going to be our Vista, or the real deal? Vista was equally pretty on the face, and then you tried to use it. Whoops.

So we got our Windows 7 pretty quickly, and now we’re all trying to forget that little bump in the road. You know what makes that bump easier to forget? Vista devices are capable of running 7 – hell, most of them were running XP anyway. If Microsoft dupes all of us into buying a device specifically for WP7 and it’s no good, I better be able to drop WP8 into that sucker, otherwise my next phone purchase will see me jumping ship.

WP7 is pretty. It ‘gets’ social networking. And I think that, much more so than Apple, it re-invents multitasking by hopefully allowing for a selection of hubs that will take the place of the app-hopping you need to do on an iPhone to feel the same level of connectedness. Will the frustration of jumping in and out of apps finally be lifted only to be replaced with the irritation of swiping through an imaginary horizontal plane of windows to dive deeper into hubs? We’ll find out…but I’m optimistic. Even if it doesn’t sound like it.

If you do not agree with his views, please do not be a child about it, just comment nicely, or even submit your own thoughts to me and it shall be posted (99.9% of the time).

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