WP7 Phone Tree Twilio app surprisingly useful, good

When we wrote about the Twilio Windows phone 7 app contest we did not quite understand the technology behind it (and frankly still don’t fully) but the service provides the foundation for this surprisingly useful app, which allows one user to push SMS and voice messages to a number of people, and also receive replies back asynchronously, allowing the sender to get on with what’s important, which would be helping deliver a baby according to the developer of the app, Barranger Riddler.

While the intent is noble, I can see the application being useful for much less noble pursuits, such as arranging a get together with a group of friends who do not all have smartphones and facebook on the go.

Read more about the app, which won Twilio’s contest and earned Barranger a netbook, at Twilio here, who I think managed to get great value for money despite their meagre prize. We also have a short interview featuring Barranger Riddler here.

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