WP7 on FastCustomer’s to-do list


22, 2011

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FastCustomer in 1 minute

WMPU reader Alex Bustamante recently mailed the creators of FastCustomer, a popular iOS/Android app which allows you to put call services on hold without sitting through hours of terrible elevator music and tiresome corporate recorded messages about their commitment to excellent service and how valuable you the customer are to them.

Hi there,

Recently i read on various internet news websites about your application for
mobile users. I was curious so i clicked on a link only to find that your
application is made available to solely to iPhone/andriod users. I recently
bought a Windows Phone 7(WP7) phone OS by Microsoft which is a brand new to the
phone market but your application currently doesn’t support WP7. Im sure that a
ton of other WP7 users would greatly appreciate your application if you were to
port it over onto the Windows Phone 7 marketplace. I haven’t seen any
application like yours on the WP7 marketplace and I know that it will be a great
addition to it. I would gladly pay to have your genius application on my phone.

Thank you for taking the time to read and keep up the good work. Hope to hear


The response he got was nonspecific, but positive:

Thanks for the message Alex, WP7 is definitely on our list of platforms as we
build out.

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