WP7 on a 1280×800 screen with third party apps

We’ve previously shown a video of what WP7 looks like on an emulator running at 1280×800; however this was handheld footage and didn’t show whether third party applications worked. This video shows a direct screen capture of WP7 running at 1280×800 pixels, with full functionality from third-party IMDB and TWiT apps.

It’s obvious from the slow performance and the CPU indicator in the bottom right that this emulator is chugging somewhat, though that might be partly due to the screen capture software. I have to say, the Metro UI looks surprisingly good on a larger screen, and this perspective makes WP7 seem all the more obviously suited to tablets.

It’s also interesting that while most pages benefit from having multiple tabs visible in the landscape perspective, the Home Screen tab still stands completely alone.

Thanks to Zubair and LizardPro for the tip.