WP7 Office Mobile vs. Google Docs for Mobile

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The web is going gaga over Google announcing the availability of the Google docs  mobile for Android and IOS devices. Some commenters have even gone as far as to say this is the end of Microsoft office which is a ridiculous statement. After watching the video Office mobile for WP7 in action above, watch what Google docs for mobile can do below

You can clearly see that Office mobile is a far superior solution that maintains the document’s fidelity and more more editing options on the device than Google docs. Microsoft will hopefully ad more features to the office hub and allow the individual applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint to be pinned to the start screen instead of only OneNote. This quote from a commenter over at the macrumors.com forum sums it all.

Originally Posted by callguinness

Did any of you actually watch the video or try using this before rating it "Positive" and replying? It’s crap.
Here’s what you can do: Type letters. That’s it. You can’t change styles, add tables, add anything. If it’s not on the keyboard it’s not in Google Docs Mobile. There are exactly two buttons: "Refresh" and "Use Desktop Version". The Desktop Version is still broken and useless, of course. There are no hidden gestures that I’ve been able to find that let you do anything.
You can’t even create new documents, or delete or rename existing ones. Awful.