WP7 OEMs–Motorola out, Sony Ericsson, Asus and Acer maybe, LG on board, HTC and Samsung all in

With Nokia joining the Windows Phone 7 party, there is a lot of questions of how this gigantic fish will affect the others in the small Windows phone 7 pond.

The answer is that it seems to vary very much depending on how much success an OEM has had with Windows Phone 7 and Windows Mobile in the past.

Motorola’s VP of Software and Services Product Management, Christy Wyatt, was pretty clear, saying "I don’t envision us using Microsoft. I would never say never but it’s not something we’re entertaining now."

Sony Ericsson was open, but still pretty married to Android.

“We believe that the Android environment is the best and most mature ecosystem for us at the moment; but we have an open OS strategy, which includes OSE, Symbian and Android, and a good working relationship with Microsoft,” said Vautier in an interview with TechRadar.

Less sure, but still not committed would be Asus and Acer.

Asus said they produced the first prototype Windows Phone 7 handsets, but was unsure about demand for the handsets.

“The operator voice will be the key factor to think of in our Windows Phone 7 strategy,” says Benson Lin, Asus’ corporate vice president and the general manager of its mobile devices unit.

“For the moment, we are all Android but we feel ready for Windows Phone,” says Lin. “After all, we have experience with it already.”

Less positive was Acer’s Product Marketing Manger, Smart Handheld Business Group Dac Nguyen, who according to WPCentral had an internal WP7 prototype, but was concentrating on Android at present.

LG was of course already have devices on the market, but have complained of them underperforming, and did not even show their older WP7 handsets at MWC.

Samsung and HTC, who have been doing well in the Windows Phone 7 market, are much more positive.

Samsung Chief Strategy Officer’s Omar Khan said, "You can continue to expect expansion in our Windows Phone portfolio”, adding that the current collection was selling well.

HTC president of HTC for North America and Latin America Jason Mackenzie said"Obviously Windows Phone 7 is a platform we’ve invested tremendously on" and "we’ll continue to support that."

All of the OEMs already invested in Windows Phone 7 promised a new bath of handsets later in the year, and it is likely that, because all of the current batch of devices were released at the same time, and the OEMs expect at least a year from each handset, they will be waiting till holidays 2011 to release new hardware.

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