WP7: No copy and paste? Really?



Author l3v5y // in News

It seems mamaich has spotted, and informed msmobiles, that although WP7 supposedly has no copy and paste, using ctrl+C, ctrl+V works. This is mostly likely because of the way the emulator behaves, but is at least intriguing.


So is there copy and paste in Windows Phone 7 Series or not? Well, selecting is possible but copying and pasting would not work in the phone. It works in emulator, but only if PC keyboard is used, not with virtual keyboard of Windows Phone 7 Series. Clearly number of work to be done to make it working in phone would be very small (selecting works!), but Microsoft none the less refuses to put copy and paste in Windows Phone 7 Series.

As WP7 is Windows CE based, I’d be surprised if it didn’t have copy and paste at some level, but whether or not users can access this feature, I don’t know. Perhaps we’ll keyboarded devices to arrive before we know.

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