WP7 Multi-tasking will be selective, other titbits from MWC 2011



We interviewed Greg Sullivan, Senior Product Manager for Windows Phone 7, at Mobile World Congress 2011, and discussed some of the recent news and other issues surround Windows Phone 7.

We touched on a few issues which have been near and dear to our readers, for example the lack of a 1st party Messenger app (coming, maybe, in the future), LG’s underperformance due to their poor aesthetics (refused to be drawn on this) and the slow rate of updates (again, it appears Q1 is still “early 2011”).

More interesting and informative was the discussion around multi-tasking however.  It appears fast task switching does not mean multi-tasking, but rather rapid suspend and restore, and that real multi-tasking will be exclusive to certain tasks such as the background music task, much like on the iPhone. I suspect most of our readers will feel this is a better solution, although ultimately we will have to wait till MIX 11 to see how many use cases will eventually be covered.

We also touched on the Nokia, Navteq and Microsoft partnership. When Nokia announce that they will use Windows Phone 7 as its new main system for phones, they said that this partnership with Microsoft would work in both directions. Nokia would stop spending time and money developing its own system, and Microsoft would do the same for maps. How this would work out was initially unclear, but the interview revealed a bit more.

As we know, Windows Phone 7 outside the US is limited in the services available. Nokia will help change this with all the data that they already collected for OVI Maps, meaning:

1. Review of places
2. Directions
3. Points of interest
4. And any dataset that Nokia uses in OVI Maps.

But this is not all. Another big problem for Microsoft in Europe is the Zune Market. Nokia will help with that to. It appears Microsoft will inherit many of the licences Nokia already have for distributing music in many countries, meaning Zune will be able to rapidly expand to other markets.

As you can see this partnership is easily the best thing that could have happened to Microsoft , Nokia and us customers, mainly because a lot more than money was exchanged, to the benefit of customers of both companies.

Let’s hope all this goodness will come sooner rather than later.

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