WP7 Marketplace hits 15,000 apps, now more interesting to developers than Blackberry


Like clockwork (with a clock spinning ever faster) the Windows Phone 7 marketplace has hit 15,000 apps.

Marketplace leapt from 14,000 to 15,000 apps in only 8 days, accelerating from the 10 days it took earlier to grow by 1000 apps and reaching the milestone in only 26 weeks and faster than the iPhone App store, which needed 27 weeks to cross the same line.

The achievement comes at the heels of new research by AppAccelerator which shows 29% of mobile developers were “very interested” in developing for Windows Phone 7, for the first time more than the 27% very interested in Blackberry OS. While this represents a slight drop from the 37% who were “very interested” 3 months ago, this number is likely to be boosted again when Nokia starts pushing Windows phone 7 handsets, with  42 percent of developers saying the partnership was the most significant development in competing with Apple and Google.

Thanks Gilles for the tip.