WP7 Mango “Flick Curve” Japanese text entry demoed

The above video shows the Japanese text entry system in Windows Phone 7 Mango, which is apparently one of the unique features of the Fujitsu IS12T and developed by Microsoft after exhaustive research.

The system uses uses a flick of the finger at the end of the curve to add accent sounds essential to cover the full range of Japanese pictographs, and clearly works pretty well.

It is somewhat a pity Microsoft does not bring these text entry innovations, which includes handwriting recognition in some regions, to the western keyboards also.  I would not mind capitalizing with a flick for example myself.

According to itmedia  Microsoft Japan General Manager, Mr Nobuyoshi Yokoi has said the Fujitsu IS12T will be launching later in September, possibly giving us a time frame for the other Windows Phone 7.5 handsets also.

“Since the publication, are getting great response. It was about the same reaction when Japan announced Windows 7” Yokoi said.

Via itmedia.co.jp.