WP7 – lack of copy and paste intentional, wont be in Pocket Word either

theidiot There has been some rumours that the reason Microsoft has left out Copy and Paste on Windows phone 7 was due to development priorities and basically running out of time.

Now Todd Brix, Senior Director for Windows Phone Product Management has revealed that this major omission was not in fact by accident.

"We don’t enable copy and paste and we do that very intentionally," Windows Phone executive Todd Brix said in an interview. "It’s actually an intentional design decision," he said. "We try to anticipate what the user wants so copy and paste isn’t necessary."

The replacement is supposed to be "smart linking," which lets a user double click on a phone number and either call it or add it to the phone book. For an address, one can get a map without having to copy and paste the address.

Apparently Brix felt that for most cases this will suffice, but of course offers no solution for the occasions when it does not.

"We tried to focus on what the core use cases were," Brix said. "Certainly there will be some people that wont be happy with some of those decisions."

Has Microsoft just undone all the goodwill their MWC announcements generated?  Let us know below.

via CNET.com