WP7 Just Got Creepy With Ragdoll App

Reading twitter I just saw this article by the guys at MD  about a Ragdoll application that lets you customize the doll. The application was made by one of the newest of all developers and like last time, he brought a nice list of feature list. The application can repeat anything you say and make it sound funny for those people that have nothing better to do for the day.

  • Ragdoll repeats whatever you say, in a funny voice.
  • Realistic physics – drag your ragdoll around and pose it any way you like.
  • Throw beer bottles, eggs, grenades and tomatoes at your doll, with realistic effects.
  • Paint on your ragdoll with the paint brush.
  • Several high quality Heads, Bodies, and Scenes to choose from.
  • Import your own pictures and use them as the ragdoll’s head!
  • Take a snapshot of your scene and save it to your phone

This is a cool application that I might never use since it might give me nightmares, the doll in the video is already creeping me out. Comment below about what you think of it.