WP7 info graphic claims 4% of users already on Mango


Know your Mobile have posted this infographic created from data collected by Dude, where’s my Update, a Windows Phone 7 app which collects device ID and OS data from users eager to check if their software update is rolling out yet.

According to their data a disastrous 19% of users are still stuck on 7004, and an interesting 4% of users are using post 7761 builds.

Of course I suspect the DWIMU user group are not exactly representative of the general population of Windows Phone 7 user, and I am sure the 7004 users have every reason to be looking out for an update, and are therefore heavily overrepresented.

It is however a very pretty graphic and we do not see too many of them in Windows Phone 7 land.

Read more at Knowyourmobile here.