WP7 Game Review – Squid Squish (Fun Addictive Game)


1, 2011

This game is like the Chicks’ n Vixens of the Sea, and it is very addictive.

The developer describes the game as follows:

Using both stretchy seaweed and conveniently placed coral, slingshot your squid to squish other sealife without letting them get past! Shoot one squid into another to make him grow to be large enough to squash larger enemies. Rack up a highscore by making large combination shots. Prepare sushi and collect pirate treasure in some of the bonus modes!

1.Very nice creature and background designs.

1.Should add help at the main menu.
2.It could be hard to combine two squids and then hit the target. (Perhaps they can change it to two shots for one bigger fish, and combining squids to get bonuses.

1.They can add pinch to zoom or zoom out to get a narrower or wider view, it could be more fun.

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