WP7: Does MS have developer support?



wp7_start Mary-Jo Foley has been questioning developers about the WP7 developer platform, and the results are nothing if not interesting.

The enterprise/business developers are hesitant to support a new platform without any idea how it will survive in the future, though they’re willing to jump on board as soon as it makes more sense.

I work mostly on mobile business solutions. This segment takes a bit longer than the consumer segment to adopt a new device platform. I usually get more involved once a new platform starts to gain more momentum and demand to support it rises. New mobile platforms are popping up quickly these days so it is difficult to jump on every one early on. I try to keep a keen eye out on all the new platforms though. Mobility is fast paced, if you stop paying attention for 6 months, you will lose track of where things are going.

One of the more interesting questions was about the IDE and the code itself:

Microsoft is claiming there’s a low learning curve for WP7 because devs can use “tools they already know.” Is this true in your case? If not, how steep a learning curve have you encountered with C#/Silverlight/XNA?

As a C++/win32 developer, the learning curve is steeper than I would like, but it’s not at all bad, and since it’s .Net, there’s a lot of documentation for .Net and C# out there. It would be nice to have native code, but things work so I’m personally not fussed. A point the developers all stressed is that the VS2010 IDE is excellent, with the only complaint being a wish for support of OSs other than Windows.

The whole article is well worth a read, and has far too much for me to simply repost it all here. If you’re a developer interested in supporting WP7, definitely take a read!

Check it out here.

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