WP7 Developer Tidbits Around The Web

A quick post on some developer-related information which do not justify a full article by themselves.


1) Does developer’s free app submissions to the Zune Marketplace reset every year?

Microsoft’s response,

Yup, you get 5 free submission credits a year, so every year you could potentially submit another 5 free applications to the marketplace (not to mention the unlimited free updates to existing free applications).

Source: Oren Nachman

2) You can track the Network traffic from mobile Internet Explorer and  WP7 applications which may be helpful to you in some ways.


You’ll need three things:

  1. A desktop PC running Fiddler
  2. A Windows Phone
  3. A WiFi network that bridges between the phone and the PC

For more detailed walkthrough on how to do this, go here.

3) OData Browser Coming to Windows Phone 7 soon.

Given an OData service URI, you can select a collection. For more details on this app, go here. Developer is ready for beta testing as well. If you are new to OData, head to http://www.odata.org/ for more information. Its really easy to build apps based on OData format at Windows Azure Marketplace Datamarket.