WP7 Challenge – Molly Wood’s Week 1 Thoughts

Molly Wood has accepted Brandon Watson’s WP7 Mango Challenge as we reported HERE and HERE.  Today, she posted her Week 1 impressions.

In the Pro’s section, Molly loved the Live Tiles, lock screen notifications, and the Metro scrolling interface, particularly in her email.  Once she discovered the long-press back button to access the multi-tasking menu, she loved it.  Although her first impressions of the built in Facebook and Twitter integration were mostly negative, she’s decided that she likes it.  She loved Local Scout, and loved the clean interface.

She’s quickly discovered just how good the on-screen keyboard is in Windows Phone 7, and how smart the auto-complete feature is.  She enjoyed the speech-to-text options, but had some very poignant complaints, which fall into the Con’s section.

In the Con’s section, she pretty much goes off on Mango’s speech functionality, or lack thereof.  She hates that the speech feature is not prevalent throughout the entire OS – namely, email, mapping, and in the browser.  She found that Android has speech throughout, and that it seems to be much more accurate, especially with punctuation.  Finally, she hates that she cannot speak one or two sentences at a time, and then append more afterwards.

Her experience with turn-by-turn directions has been abysmal.  She hates having to click on the screen to get her next instruction, and found the re-routing to be horribly implemented.

She rants about the little things that annoy her.  She mentions many little issues with her address book, most of which are problems Microsoft will need to figure out soon.  She also hates that addresses aren’t clickable directly to Turn-By-Turn directions.  She quips that she would crash while trying to cut-and-paste an addresses into Maps.

Lastly, she has some serious complaints about the available apps in the Marketplace.  Coming from a different OS, she has grown used to apps like Words with Friends, Google Voice, and the Square app.

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Now, my personal reaction to her Week 1 Summary.

First, I’m glad she doesn’t forget that this is a beta build of Mango.  I do, however, wish she had a friend who was a savvy WP7 user to help her out.  She is discovering features as she goes, and slowly discovering all the configurable options that she needs.

She complains, “It’s really hard to click the screen and place a cursor at a specific location; you always end up selecting an entire word, when you just want to edit. And again, a long-press for “select all” in a URL field window or similar would be super useful.”

Molly, if you just press and hold anywhere on the text box, a cursor pops up, allowing you to place it anywhere you need, extremely accurately.

Molly’s hatred of the current functionality of the turn-by-turn directions are completely accurate.  I’m hoping that the non-Beta version fixes this.  But Molly, if you hate the turn-by-turn directions so badly, why not give other options a try?  There are several completely capable apps available on the Marketplace that actually perform the way you want it to.  The slickest, most fully-featured option is by Garmin, but I don’t know if you’re willing to fork over 40 dollars for the functionality you got for free with Android.  Android’s integrated Turn-By-Turn solution is amazing, and you were spoiled.  Nothing I can argue about that.

I agree that speech could be more fully integrated into the system, and I also agree that speech-to-text is useful, yet has a long way to go.

If by some chance Molly Wood reads this article, I would hope she at least reads this part.  The next few months are going to be amazing, if you stick with it.  Nearly all the apps that you want will now be possible, since Mango allows all new apps to do what they couldn’t do before.  There are no more limitations keeping top apps like Whatsapp and Words with Friends from functioning.  Your app dilemma should resolve itself before we hit the new year, for sure.  Hopefully you stick around for the party!

I’m really looking forward to her next article, as she will be writing about her experiences with SkyDrive, ZunePass, and Office.  We all know how much she’ll love the ZunePass.  Now, if only she could find someone knowledgeable with WP7 to help her with the little things, and also help her find comparable apps to what she is used to!


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