WP7 App review – Top Developers

If you are finding the Marketplace increasingly crowded, and believe in betting on developers with a track record this app may be for you.

Based on the premise that great developers make great apps, the app is designed to help find the best, highest quality apps in the marketplace.

NatoDesignz  compute a list of the “top developers” in the marketplace every 4 hours, taking average user rating per app, number of ratings per app, and number of published apps.

Selecting a top developer will show a consolidated view of all apps submitted by that developer. Selecting any of the applications will deep-link into the actual marketplace and enable you to download the app.

1.Has direct link to Marketplace.
2.Able to view all the apps that were developed by the top 20 developers
3.Great tile design

1.The UI is too simple.
1.Can include more categories, for instant, Top Paid App Developers, or Top Free App Developers.
2.Can include how many times one app has been downloaded.

Top Developers can be found in Marketplace here.

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