WP7 App Review – Nihongoup (Best Free Japanese Learning App)

NihongoUp Phone is a mobile solution to help learn Japanese, and can be used in combination with online content at Nihongoup

The app features:

  • Quizzes covering hiragana, katakana, kanji, vocabulary, particles, counters, and transitive verb pairs
  • Save unknown sentences and review them later
  • Hiragana, katakana, and vocabulary pronunciation audio
  • Japanese language cheat cards
  • Convert text in romaji to hiragana (and send it as an SMS, email, or tweet)
  • Translate between Japanese and over 30 languages, playback the translation
  • Progress statistics

The application is near perfect and it’s free, a great combination.

1.Tremendous language translation.
2.You can hear the audio file to learn the pronunciation.
4.Friendly UI.
5.Free & No Ads

1.The text somehow mingled with the background color.
2.Cheat Sheets should be interactive.