WP Bench version 2 has been released


The next version of WP Bench is coming out, offering even more features, such as publishing test (speed test and battery test) scores to the online charts, compare with others users or just browse pies of OS versions, manufacturers, devices and, what’s important to many, sneak for new unreleased devices etc.

The previous version scored 4.79 stars from more than 41000 reviews so is clearly pretty great stuff.

New WP Bench features deeply tweaked tests (CPU singlethreaded, CPU multithreaded, memory and storage read/write with configurable block size, GPU acceleration, display color reproduction and battery life), new online charts with ability to publish your score to the database. It’s now also available in new markets, for example Japan.

WP Bench is $0.99 with a full featured free trial and can be downloaded from Marketplace here. Due to Robert changing accounts current users will not get an upgrade notification, so will need to re-install the app from Marketplace again.

See more screen shots after the break.