WP 8.1: You will be able to name Cortana whatever you want


22, 2014

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Turns our if you find the name Cortana a bit awkward you will be able to name your Digital Assistant Jane or Joe pretty easily.

According to Xone, who frequents WPWorld.pl, and who posted some more information about the service, not only will the assistant have a different name in different regions, but end users will also be able to rename it whatever they want.

Users will also be able to activate the assistant hands-free, much like Google’s “Hello Google” phrase on the Moto X, but users will be able to configure this key phrase to whatever they prefer.

In an unrelated titbit, Xone revealed that Action Center will support 5 toggles for services like WIFI and screen rotation on 5 inch + screens, and 4 on smaller screens.

See a list of the default male and female names per region after the break.

Variant Speech Names
de-de Katja Stefan  
en-gb George Susan  
en-in Heera Ravi  
en-us Kate Mark Zira
es-es Laura Pablo  
es-mx Raul Sabina  
fr-fr Julie Paul  
it-it Cosimo Elsa  
ja-jp Ayumi Ichiro  
pl-pl Adam Paulina  
pt-br Daniel Maria  
ru-ru Irina Pavel  
zh-cn Kangkang Yaoyao  
zh-hk Danny Tracy  
zh-tw Yating Zhiwei  


In many ways being able to name Cortana whatever you want is great news, but Microsoft will lose somewhat in branding.

What way would our readers prefer it? Let us know below.

Thanks Coder_Fot , digipix  and Nawzil for the tips

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