WP 7 Game Review – Chicken Can Dream & Japan Earthquake Thoughts


Chicken Can Dream is the prelude of the upcoming game Chicken Can’t Fly. It’s a very addictive game with lots of contents. It’s a must-have.

1.Great UI
2.Great Sound FX
3.Great character design
5.Supporting video tutorial.

1.The loading is a little bit slow
2.The “dream” on the tile is incomplete

Note: This is Chicken Can Dream is an updated version.

Yesterday Japan has been through a huge earthquake, followed by tsunamis and more earthquake. I wish the people who is watching this video can help people in Japan. If there is a fund raising in Your home town, please donate some money to help them.

If you have a youtube channel, please upload videos to let your own audience know that people in Japan need help. I hope the power of the Youtube community (or even Facebook or Twitter) can give hope to Japan.

Thank you.