After almost a year after its release, Saber Interactive’s World War Z video-game will finally allow different platforms to play together. That’s right, World War Z cross-play is coming very soon.

As part of the final update for World War Z Season 2, players will be able to experience World War Z cross-play on March 23rd. The new cross-play feature will only apply to the game’s PvE modes.

Initially, World War Z cross-play will be only available on Xbox One and PC. PlayStation 4 players will be thrown into the mix eventually, but there’s no date on that yet.

Unfortunately, World War Z will not support cross-play parties to chat with and invite friends from different platforms. World War Z cross-play has instead been achieved through a unified matchmaking pool that will randomly pair players together.

The March 23rd update will also include a few more bonuses for players. There will be new weapon variants – all free – alongside a bunch of new missions objectives. The update well also introduce since new paid DLC character skins.

When we reviewed World War Z back in April, we thought it was “a thrilling co-op shooter that puts awe back into the genre.” Read our full review of the game here.