World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition Updated With Royal Artillery And More

World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition - Royal Artillery Trailer

World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition was recently updated with Royal Artillery and more new content. Find the update details below.

  • Operations: We’re integrating a new mission system for World of Tanks Xbox 360. In the past, we’ve given you certain bonuses for acquiring certain medals of excellence in accordance with our special events, but Operations makes it official. Just move to the “Ops” tab in your Garage, and you’ll see a regular lineup of special goals for you to complete to earn extra good stuff during our events!The Operations menu will display available ops, their timeframes (i.e., time until they end), and which, if any, you’ve completed. Ops must be activated through this menu in order to receive their awards, though one operation will be activated by default. You can enable up to three additional operations at a time, and you can “jump” between ops, activating one while deactivating another; you won’t lose any earned progress between them while you work on other ops.

    For tankers wanting top-tier challenges and to get something for your hard work, Operations are a fun new way to earn your proverbial stripes!

  • British Artillery:  Sound the alarm; the new British artillery are coming! Rain hellfire upon your enemies like never before with this fleet of Britain’s finest shell-slingers. Whether you’re an artillery fiend or a relative novice, this new line of healthy armor is ready for you to take the controls. Find a comfortable perch and let your teammates do the heavy lifting. When they spot the enemy and cry out for your help, you’ll be prepared to deliver what they’re ordering. Once the smoke clears and all that remains are the smoking husks of the opposition, your comrades will be forced to exclaim, “Good show!”
  • New German Medium Tanks: Hey medium tank commanders, ready for a change of machinery? Brand-new German medium tanks are rolling onto the battlefield! Featuring a delicate balance of speed, armor, and penetration, these menacing vehicles beckon you. Climb into the commander’s hatch and be prepared to encounter anything as you tangle with everything the opposition can throw at you. Play tactfully and take advantage of covered environments to maximize your battle effectiveness. This German steel is ready for the fight.
  • New Maps: Redshire, Siegfried Line: The new update also throws in the Redshire and Siegfried Line maps, as you may have seen already discussed in previous weeks here on the site. In addition, Erlenberg gets an Encounter mode variation. Nothing like a new horizon to shoot for during your battles!

The update, now live globally, will be available as a free download for all Xbox Live Gold members, with a free seven-day trial for all other Xbox Live account holders.

Source: Xbox