WordPress working on its Windows app, should be coming soon


Earlier today, WordPress has announced an app for Mac that allows you to update, manage and administer your WordPress pages right from your desktop. Significant changes have been made to WordPress as a backend to make this a possibility.

Of course, such release of an app caused many people to ask if other platforms are also in their plans. The brief answer to that question is: Yes. A few moments ago WordPress have announced that apps for Windows and even Linux desktops are in the works right now. If you’d like to be notified about any updates in the future, you can sign up for WordPress’ mailing list right here.

As of right now, the apps seem to be more of a web wrapper than anything else but even basic apps like these can be quite useful. One example of what the app can do that the webpage itself can’t is deliver you up-to-date notifications about what’s happening on your site.

Are you excited about the new changes that were made to WordPress to make something like this possible? Let us know in the comments.