WordLink for Windows Phone 7

If you like word games, you’ll love WordLink! WordLink is a challenging, action-packed, visually engaging puzzle game requiring you to link letters together to form words. Three super power-ups are at your disposal to aid in beating the clock! Or turn off the clock, because WordLink is completely customizable. Play how YOU want to play! Choose a built-in difficulty, or create your own! WordLink features a full musical score, beautiful particle effects, sound effects, and animated backgrounds to keep the action going.
* Simple "pick-up-and-play" gameplay: tap letters linked by a chain to select them in turn to spell the unknown word. Make a wrong choice, and the letter catches fire and you lose points!
* Amazing particle effects: explosions, sparks, electricity!
* Three power-ups:
-Don’t have a clue? NUKE the board!
-Need to select letters faster? Use SPEED to electrify the board!
-Just want a hint? Use the HINT power to select the next letter!
* Full musical score keeps you engaged!
* Exciting sound effects draw you into the action!
* Completely customizable rules. Play how YOU want to play!
* Hi-Score system keeps track of your best scores!
* Resume previous game or start over. Auto-saving system keeps your current progress saved from session to session!