Word-of-mouth about launching apps, WP8 apps not on WP7, and no notification manager

After Microsof’t Summit conference, everyone stayed to chat with a few Microsoft employees and try to extort some info from them 😛

The Windows Phone employees weren’t sharing much information, but we did get a first look at the Lumia 900’s start screen running 7.8, and I got some info about launching vs resuming apps, WP8 apps being/not being compatible with WP7, and a notification manager (or lack thereof).


Launching Apps

When I asked two Microsoft employees if Windows Phone 8 would switch to the multitasking version of apps when clicking their icon instead of completely restarting the app (the WP7 way), the response seemed to be positive!

While they weren’t very specific in exactly how it would work, they said that it would be different than what we have now, and may be limited by a number (presumably the number of apps you can have in the background). They didn’t say it would switch to the exact multitasking version, and made it seem like it launches some sort of hybrid… whatever it is, it’ll be far better than now!


WP8 Apps on WP7

I also talked about how WP7 phones will be left in the dark when it comes to new apps with another MS employee. From my discussion, if a developer wanted to target both WP7 and WP8, they would have to develop the app separately for both platforms. Apps written for WP8 would NOT work on WP7 phones.

However, apps written for WP7 will work on both platforms (as announced officially), so a developer could write for WP7 and it will work on both.


Notification Manager

And finally, I told a member of the Windows Phone team that Android’s notification system is far better, and that Windows Phone definitely needs a system of storing notifications. He seemed almost offended by this, and didn’t have any comments on whether WP8 would have an actual notification manager.

From that reaction, I sadly doubt that WP8 will have a notification manager. If WP8 did have one in the works, he would likely agree that the current system isn’t good enough. Or maybe this employee simply doesn’t know anything about the notification department of WP8. And for anyone who says what we have is “good enough”, not everyone wants to pin EVERYTHING to their home screen, and therefore we could really use a notification manager.

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