Wonder Witches (Free) got released!

Take control and guide the Wonder Witches through their dangerous world. Unlock new witches as you progress through the game. Each witch has a broomstick with magical powers.
Special Features:

  • Unlock additional witches
  • Each witch has a special broomstick with magical powers
  • Simple touch navigation
  • Collect potions to gain magical powers
  • Three play modes: Easy, Fun and Hard!

Additional witches & broomsticks to unlock are in development (an update was already submitted for certification and should be out soon). Feel free to provide feedback and ideas so they can be considered for future updates.

Marketplace Download Link. Get it here!


Facebook: Johann Digital Works (there are a more screenshots on there as well).

Twitter: Johann Digital Works

About the developer:
Wonder Witches is built by Johann Digital Works, an indie dev. Which means design and implementation takes place during the night and on weekends as the developer has a full time job. The creation is done out of the passion for games!!!

Hopefully you enjoy the game and please provide feedback and if you like it, please tell your friends and family about it! Thank you very much and have fun playing!