WNM Live: Makes the Facebook App look lame

WNM Live is a new social networking platform that started on Windows Phone and has expanded onto the web and onto other platforms over time. You may think, “We don’t need another social network, we have Facebook”, and while I agree with that, I still highly recommend you download this application and try it out.

Why download it? Because the app is incredibly well made. When using the app, if someone comments on your post, you actually get a notification right inside the app, in real time. Those push notifications also work perfectly as toast notifications when you’re doing something else. Receiving notifications while inside the app may not seem as amazing as I am telling it to be, but trust me, it is. With WNM Live, you instantly know what is happening whether you’re inside the app or not, and accessing the notifications is super easy.

The brilliance of this app’s design makes me wonder: Why is the Facebook app so terrible? WNM Live is nearly perfectly smooth, loads faster, and actually has a notification system that is successful… how could our Facebook application be this terrible? Nevertheless, this review is about WNM Live, and all you need to know is that the app’s interface is a zillion times better than the Facebook app.

Now onto the actual social network itself… Everything on WNM Live is publicly shared, like Twitter. If you have friends there, you can “Watch” them to subscribe to their updates. Each post is also tagged with location info, so you know where each post is coming from. Because of the public and location-based nature of the network, WNM Live is a great way to find out about things going on around you.

Sharing pictures is also super easy and fast. You can even reply to comments with pictures, something Facebook completely lacks. You can also have private conversations which could completely replace texting thanks to the toast notifications which preview the message and take you straight to the conversation just like a normal text notification. WNM Live also has a VOIP calling feature, but right now it is only in beta and has too much echo and choppiness to be useful.

qrcodeOverall, the app is incredible. The only problem is the lack of users, but that is true with any new social network. My guess is WNM Live will never be able to come close to Twitter or Facebook’s user base, but it is a cool app to play around with and sets a high standard for the quality of Windows Phone apps.

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