WNM Live App Updated on Windows Phone 7 and Now on Windows 8

The WNM Live app has been updated once again for the Windows Phone 7 platform.  The largest improvement in the update is the app’s performance.  Everything loads quicker, transitions are smoother, and notifications instantly arrive.   The update also brings a number of new features – all of which were requested by the actual users of the app.

For those unfamiliar with WNM Live, it is a social network which helps you connect with people near you that you don’t already know.  It isn’t a dating app though and has a strict community enforced policy on the types of appropriate behaviors which are allowed in the app.  You choose to reveal as much, or as little, about yourself as you would like.  You can exchange private text and picture messages, engage in group conversations in the Live Stream, or just browse user profiles.  It even has the ability to do free VOIP voice calls between users.  The network has been on Windows Phone since before Windows Phones were even available for consumers to purchase.

In the past, one of the most common criticisms of WNM Live has been the relatively small user-base which resulted in few actual nearby people to talk with.  It looks as if this is finally starting to change though; the network recently hit 500,000 users and unless you live in Antarctica, you will probably find at least a handful of people within a few miles to chat with.

WNM Live also recently launched a Windows 8 application.  According to the WNM Live team, this app gives a preview of what is in store for Windows Phone 8 as well.  The Windows 8 application is available in the Windows Store of the Release Preview version of the new OS.  The Windows 8 app is the 7th platform which the app is now available.  The full list of supported platforms are: Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7, Windows 8, iPhone, Facebook, Google Chrome, and the Web.  An Android app is set to be released shortly.  WNM Live can probably boast more supported platforms than almost any other social app available.

WNM Live is on the web at http://www.wnmlive.com/.  The app is free on all the supported platforms.

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