WNM Live App Updated For Windows Phone Mango!


14, 2011

Live Stream Nearby People

The latest application to be updated for the upcoming release of Windows Phone 7.5, or Mango, is the WNM Live application. The update, version 1.13, was released to the marketplace yesterday for users with Mango to begin downloading.

For those who are not already familiar with WNM Live, it is a cross-platform, location-based, social network designed to introduce you to new people that you do not already know.  The application lets you browse user profiles, send and receive text and picture messages, or participate in the Live Stream – a public, location-centric feed that is a mix between Facebook’s newsfeed and a message board.  The service is also fully accessible via the wnmlive.com website.  The application has been available on Windows Phone 7 since the platform was first launched, although until recently it was known as “Who’s Near Me.”

This latest update for Mango is primarily a “behind-the-scenes” update.  The entire core of the application was re-written to take advantage of the new performance-enhancing features of Mango.  That work has definitely paid off.  Where lists in the application once lagged, things are consistently smooth as butter.  Messages arrive instantaneously, screens transition in an instant, and the overall experience using the application is tremendously more positive.  Whether you are a daily user of WNM Live, someone who hasn’t checked out the app for awhile, or this is your first time hearing about it, this latest update is definitely worth checking out for yourself.

The publishers plan on releasing another update once Mango is officially released to a wider audience.  A number of new features will be added at that time that make use of even more of Mango’s new APIs.  This update is also reported to contain a first for Windows Phone 7: free WiFi voice calls!  Check out a screenshot of this new feature below!

Download for Windows Phone 7

See more screen shots after the break.

Live Stream PostWiFi Voice Calling

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