WMPoweruser Site Update – May 2015


Hey guys,

It’s been awhile since we updated you guys on what’s happening on WMPU.  So today, I’ll share what’s new on our website, what’s happening with the app and the WMPU team.


First thing first, let’s talk about the website. I’ve been constantly working on improve the WMPU website. One of the latest addition  to the website is the new live tile. We’ve updated the website tile – and here’s what’s new:

  • Powered by our own API (it was previously powered by BuildMyPinnedSites)
  • Prettier than the old one
  • Displays images
  • Supports Windows 10 (Edge)

Other than the new live tile, there isn’t anything else new right now. Also, we added emoji support to the site as well! 🙂

However, I’m working on a semi-major update  for WMPU. It won’t be a re-design of the current site, but it’ll include some design changes, new features, performance improvements and much more. We’re planning to release the update between late-June and early-July – so stay tuned for further updates!


Recently, we launched the official WMPU app. Most of our readers like the app, but, the developer is hard at work to improve it even more. We’re releasing a new update this weekend, which enables Push Notifications support and includes some other new features. Some of you have complained about the design of the app, and to improve the design, I and Pranav (the developer of the app) are already planning WMPU 2.0. Again, stay tuned for further updates on that.

The team

If you’ve been visiting our site regularly, you may have seen some new editors. We’ve hired some new editors to cover regional news, publish app reviews and more. These are the editors that joined the WMPU team recently:

We’re working hard to improve the editorial team. So don’t be surprised by any new editors here 😉

If you’ve any questions about the app, website, or even the team, make sure to ask us in the comment section below!

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