WMPoweruser App Updated to v2.4


3, 2012

Author l3v5y // in News

An update to v2.4 of the official WMPoweruser App has just been published, with it, the changes are:

  • Moved over to RestSharp for web requests and enabled compressed web requests, should decrease bandwidth and improve loading time
  • Fixes a bug when the DataContexts haven’t yet loaded and the page is refreshed, also fixes to the progress indicator
  • Some images are now downscaled and cached, also added ability to control image quality
  • Added ability to change theme from within the app, only applies on restart, has some perf impact
  • Fixes some common bugs
  • General performance increases
  • Vastly better push notifications system, more reliable, better server utilisation etc
  • Favourite is now localised for Americans 🙂
  • Fixed commenting
Apologies for the delay in publishing, a bug in the marketplace caused some issues.

The app can be found here, let us know what you think!

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