WMExperts full LG eXpo review

WMExperts have published their full text review of the LG eXpo. They noted the construction was solid, like a smaller HTC Touch Pro 2. They did not like the free-hanging stylus, feeling it would be easy to misplace. They did however like that the device had a proximity and light sensor.  They were less enamoured with the fingerprint sensor, noting it was recessed just a bit too much to make use unreliable and uncomfortable.  This was a complaint Engadget also raised in their review of the device.

They found the keyboard good but not great, complaining of a crinkling sound when in use.

Their main complaint regarding the device appears to be the unresponsive screen, which they note to be well below modern resistive screen standards these days.

They found the device however fast and responsive, and battery life reasonable. The software bundle was felt to be reasonable but not outstanding. The camera and call quality was similarly middle of the road.

WMExperts concluded:

Out of the box and on paper, the LG eXpo looks, reads, and feels like a heavyweight contender in the Windows phone arena. However, once you get the eXpo up and running, the glitter tends to fade a little. LG has a well-constructed, feature-riddled phone, but there are enough shortfalls in eXpo’s performance that really hold this phone back.

The pre-loaded software is on par with any other Windows Phone and the native LG apps are a nice alternative to the Microsoft equivalents. Phone quality was good and the eXpo handled downloads with gusto and applications loaded and ran smoothly. The camera could be better but you can say that about a lot of Windows phones.

The frustration kept coming back to the phone’s two main input systems; the screen and fingerprint navigation system.  If LG could improve the screen and fingerprint navigation’s responsiveness, the eXpo would be a serious contender.

As is, it’s a "middle-of-the-road" Windows phone. The eXpo has a lot of potential and I think LG is headed in the right direction. The eXpo is a major improvement over it’s predecessor, the Incite. As is, though, it will be hard for the eXpo to compete with the AT&T Pure, Tilt2 or even the HP Glisten. Especially when you consider the pricing points are equal (less if you’re looking at the Pure and Glisten).

The LG eXpo is currently available through AT&T for $199 after rebates and contractual discounts.

Read their full review here.

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